Up Your Curb Appeal With One Can Of Paint

Looking for an easy way to make a statement on your front porch? Why not paint your front door a new color? This is perhaps the easiest way to change the look of your house. You can up your curb appeal with one can of paint and only a couple hours of work.

We recently changed the color of our house from a sandy tan to more of a grey blue. While I still loved my teal front door (a previous curb appeal upping project), the blue did not stand out as much as I wanted. But what color should I choose? I began searching for front door colors for a red brick house.

Brick is a classic home style so of course there were a lot of deep dark colors like blue and black. and earthy colors like greens and tans. But I wanted our front door to really pop. I settled on yellow, but what shade? The Smart color choose on the Behr website was a good place to hone in on the the shade of yellow I wanted to use.

Behr Color Smart Yellows for the front door
Behr Color Smart Yellows

After looking at the yellow color wall, I decided that I wanted something sunny and bold (top right in the picture above). I headed to my local Home Depot store and grabbed a bunch of color swatches to tape on my door so I could see the color in different lights .

After a couple of weeks (and several batches of swatches), I settled on Behr Honey Locust

Up your curb appeal with a new yellow door
Love my new yellow door!

If you came to this article because you are considering yellow for your front door as well, you may want to know what that color choice says about us. According to HouseBeautiful.com, people with yellow front doors are thought to be the happiest and most welcoming hosts. It is also not a very common color so you will definitely spark the interest of your neighbors.

The Bible is also rich in symbolism around the colors of yellow and gold. Yellow is the color of glory, which is the glow or shining of something that is releasing energy. Yellow and gold are also the color of fire. Fire represents the presence of God (Deuteronomy 4:24; Hebrews 12:29). So my yellow gold front door represents God’s glory and his presence in my home. Now, that’s curb appeal I can live with!

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