How to do a closet purge

I have hated my closet for a while. It’s not the size, my husband and I actually share an 4×10 walk-in, it’s the clutter. All that room leads to me to hang onto things I really shouldn’t. I can never find anything. It was beyond time for a closet purge, but how exactly does one go about a closet purge? I have been doing seasonal clean outs for years. But I have never done an all out purge where I looked at each item and decided it’s importance to my wardrobe. I thought about first searching on Pinterest for the proper purge technique, that would kill some time. Maybe procrastination would work and the purge feeling would go away after reading about someone else’s triumph over their closet. In the end, I decided to just dive in.

Before closet de-clutter

These are the steps I followed. It was really easy and my closet looks great!

  1. Take everything out of you closet

    Don’t leave one thing. Everything is on the closet purge table

  2. Sort into 3 piles:

    The first pile is for stuff that has to go. These are things that don’t fit, or have something about them you don’t like. Maybe it doesn’t lay right on your shoulders or it’s itchy or it rises up or down. It’s gotta go. Put it in pile #1. The 2nd pile is for clothes you have been hanging onto for whatever reason. These are the maybes, we will address them later. The final file is the keep. These are the ones you still wear in public. They look good on you and they have nothing wrong with them. No rips, stains or missing buttons.

  3. Sort fast. Make new sub-piles if you need to

    Give yourself 5-10 seconds to put an item into a pile. If you can’t decide, put it in the maybe pile. If a pile starts getting too large, start sub-category piles. For example, you could create a pile for sentimental and/or special occasion clothes. I had a couple of sentimental sweatshirts that I never wore but I didn’t want to part with. I gave them to my daughter. Now she wears them and that makes me happy.

  4. Box or bag the giveaway pile

    Get it out of your sight. You don’t want to change you mind and start adding things back. Get that stuff out of the way.

  5. Start hanging up your keep pile.

    As you hang each piece, think about when you last wore it and how it made you feel. If it’s in season and you haven’t yet worn it maybe it should go. If it’s similar to something already in you closet, keep only one. I had 3 black sweaters in my keep pile. I saved one long, one short and got rid of the other long that was slightly too tight In the arms

  6. Sort thru the maybe pile

    Using the same strategy as #5, go thru the maybe pile. Think about why you are on the fence about each item. If it’s a special occasion item, like a green shirt for St. Patrick’s day or a nice red sweater for Christmas, limit yourself to one item per holiday. If it’s sentimental but you never wear it, think about giving it to a friend or family member. Put everything else in a box for 1 year. If you don’t miss it, then just give the box away.

That’s was easy, right? The whole process took me less than 2 hours and now my closet looks great. I gave away 3 boxes of clothes. No more piles. No more clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years or more. My closet looks very roomy now and I love it!

Wow, closet purge
Newly organized closet

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