About Simple Saturday

My family living the Simple Life!

Greetings from Golden, Colorado. As I am writing this introduction, we are five short days from a new decade, 2020. Christmas has come and gone, the relatives are on their way home, the kids are still home from school and I am technically on vacation. So what do I decide to do on these last few days of my vacation? Start a new blog of course, and not just any blog, a blog about leading a simpler life called Simple Saturday.

But, lets rewind a bit so I can introduce myself. I am a work-from-home digital marketing consultant and also a wife, mother of two teenagers and a self-proclaimed DIY-er. My husband and I have started thinking really hard about LAK (life-after-kids). Our son is a sophomore and our daughter in the 8th grade. So technically, in 4 and half short years we could be empty-nesters. We are generally not a super planning type of family when it comes to the day-today stuff, but this is a huge life change and we want to be ready. We have a really cool goal of selling our house, living in a RV and traveling around the country when the kids are out of the house and hopefully in-college or on their way to building a career and self sufficiency. We want to do this while we are still young-enough and relatively healthy enough to enjoy it; so that means retiring early, hopefully by 2026.

Retiring early. Now, that is something that requires planning. We both have 401ks and we have being saving in 529s for the kids education since they were born. But, when I look at those statements, I still don’t see how we can really quit our jobs with 2 kids in college. That is where this blog comes in. I am planning take the skills that I have been using as a digital marketing consultant for brands and put them to work to building my own brand (and hopefully a supplemental do-anywhere-income) by becoming a blogger, YouTuber and social audience builder. All in the name of achieving that Simple Life. This is my journey. I am glad you decided to come along for the ride and I hope you find some useful information to help you have a simple Saturday along the way!